Logo and custom wordmark for Everywhere
, a new flower and luxury goods shop based in Taos, NM.

The shop founder, Elizabeth Cronin, came to me with an illustration she had found online. We determined it was August Naterer's "My Eyes at the Time of Apparition." She loved those eyes.

At around the same time, the Maison Margiela iconic 2024 show happened and Pat Mcgrath’s porcelain doll make up included these shiny thin eyebrows that I just couldn’t stop thinking about. The two elements came together when I was building the imagery for Everywhere. The contour of the eyebrows paired with sepia color tones gave the mark a statuesque look, there’s something classic and roman about it. That also informed the choice of the font - Romie.

Developing a custom wordmark was its own journey. We knew we wanted letters in the script realm. I wanted the word to make an interesting, lace-like shape to sit underneath the eyes. Through many iterations, I started to bend the letters like vines and ribbons, making them behave accordingly. I finally got to a good place and produced a monogram out of the E, adding a tail to the base so it wouldn’t fall over. The tail could belong to a lion or a Sphinx, it depends on your dream, but it adds to the mythology of this brand - it was just uncovered, but it has always been there. Everywhere is a contemporary artifact.