This project was the result of a branding course I took  with Carlos Bocai and Julia B. Aguiar . The goal was to create an identity for a curated playlist, called RASGA.

This is a playlist of BregaFunk, a rhythm born in the favelas of northeast Brazil. Just like any sound created by people of color, it is considered vulgar and disposable by
the elites while being massively consumed throughout the country. My idea was to elevate these artists to pantheon status, since we're making history right now, with them.

Living in an unprecedented time of music production and release accessibility allows us to consume this type of music directly, without mainstream lyric and beat sanitization. That fact paired with the culture of dancing on the streets, being committed to the rhythm and having fun with your crew is the essence of BregaFunk, that's why I chose the photos of Fernanda Liberti to pair with some custom lettering and illustrate the  joy and movement  of the  bailes.